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  • Manth Olric

Coronavirus in Africa: Why Africa is having few cases and more recovery than elsewhere in the world

Dernière mise à jour : 29 avr. 2021

A year and four months since the first case of coronavirus was discovered in Wuhan, China, Africa forecasting for COVID-19 has failed. Here are some of the reasons

A man wears a stop coronavirus face mask with a map of Africa on it, April 24, 2020 in Abidjan, Ivory Coast. (AFP)

The impact of COVID-19 in Africa was forecasted to be deadly than elsewhere. Scientists feared that Africa was not enough ready to respond effectively to stop the spread of the virus. Multiple factors led to the early on predictions such as : A rapid population growth and increased movement of people; existing endemic diseases; remerging and emerging infectious pathogens to just mention those.

A year and two months after the first confirmed COVID-19 case in Egypt. Africa has a cumulative of 3,240,968 cases with 81,656 out of 47 countries affected.what are some of the reasons for Africa's relatively low death rate?

1- Quick Action :

Right from the beginning after the first confirmed case in Egypt, most African governments took drastic measures to try and slow the spread of the virus such as closing airports.

2- Young Population over Old-Age :

Globally, most of those who have died have been aged over 80, while Africa is home to the world's youngest population with a median age of 19 years, according to UN data.

3- A Stronger immune System :

Preexisting flux with symptoms similar to the COVID-19 all across Africa have had over the years strengthen its population immune system.

4- Traditional Remedy :

Africa governments took major steps on promoting the use of natural local treatments to help reduce the spread and attempt to cure the diseases. It worked in many cases ,but was not as efficient as intented.

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