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Updated: Sep 26, 2020

Singer Akon's crypto-city is set to begin construction, as the Singer unveils plan for his $6Billion city.

The impossible is definetly not Akon. For the past decades, Akon has shown an incredible determination to get things well done in Africa. The Singer launched in 2014 a project called Akon Lighting Africa. The Project which is still active aims to bring electricity to one (1) million households in Africa. Akon successfully brought light to thousand villages in Africa through his non-profit located in 21 countries.

When asked about his motives

“ I want to build a legacy" says Akon to CNN during an interview

The Singer's city will be using a crypto currency called AKOIN, as Akon reveals that cryptocurrency is the future. AKONCITY is slated to be built on the Senegalese coastline about 62 miles south of Dakar the capital. Akon City is definitely going to increase tourism in Senegal which is already one of Africa's most visited country by tourist.

Akon City Unveils Construction Plans

Akon City is no longer a myth , as the project has been funded for $6Billion. KE International a U.S.-based engineering firm, has been award the city building #contract.

Akon City team announced earlier in June

Akon City’s phase 1 is expected to complete by end of 2023, and will see the construction of roads, a Hamptons Hospital campus, a Hamptons Mall, residences, hotels, a police station, a school, a waste facility and a solar power plant.”

This is AKON CITY according to Akon City website.

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