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At 18 Years Old, Jayda Houston Wins 2020 Springfield Make Up Contest, She is from Decatur,IL

Updated: Dec 2, 2020

Jayda Was The Youngest Make Up Artist Participating At Springfield Make Up Contest Hosted By Afro House Springfield on November 22nd.

During one hour and Live on Facebook, Three Make Up Artists was competing to win 2020 Springfield Make Up Contest. The goal of the competition is to promote and give more public exposure to central Illinois Make Up Artists. This Year competition winner Jayda Houston came from Decatur, Illinois, a city located 45 minutes away from the State of Iilinois capital city.

Beside her young age Jayda is already a Make Artist Guru in her community. She has been a Make Up Artist since 11 years old ,and kept improving since then. Jayda has bigger dreams when it comes to her career. " I strive to perfect my craft and one day do special effect and glam for movie stars" says Jayda to our editor during the competition.

It was not until Monday 30th at 11:59pm , Jayda found out she was the competition winner. She obtained five thousand eight hundred sixty seven votes from the general public out of 11753 voters. "I feel like winning this competition definitely boosted my confidence in my work. it was such an amazing and unique experience for me. I truly enjoyed it "says Jayda.

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