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  • Manth Olric

Black Lives Matter Leaders Secretly Used $6 Million in Donations To Buy a Mansion

The News of the 2020 Mansion purchase has been brought first by New York Magazine , as the organization allegedly hoped to keep the house's existence a secret - despite three of its former leaders reportedly filming a series of videos dining and drinking Champagne outside the estate last spring.

In October 2020, the foundation received total donations of $66.5 million during the protests after George Floyd’s death. Two weeks later, a man named Dyane Pascall bought a house and registered the document in his name. According to the organisation leaders acknowledged the purchase of this house. They said that the house which they internally call ‘campus’ was bought for the activities of the organization and that the house is part of the cultural arm of the organization. They also stated that the organization bought the Campus intending to provide dedicated space for Black creatives to launch content focused on abolition, healing, justice, activism, and politics.

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