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Chicago Man Convicted For Murder To 50 years Seek Justice In New Hearing 25 years Later

On November 13, 1995, 34-year-old Angela Young was brutally murdered in her 13th-floor apartment at 4331 South Federal, a Chicago Housing Authority building that was controlled by the Gangster Disciples. Few weeks after the killing, two teen boys were charged with first-degree murder. Their cases were severed, and each boy opted for a bench trial. The younger boy among the two was acquitted, but the older boy, Selma Butler, was found guilty and sentenced to 50 years in prison in October 1998. Butler was discharged 25 years later in 2023 after he received day-for-day credit for good behavior. While in prison on October 20, 2016, defendant, through attorney Jennifer Bonjean, filed a motion for DNA-related discovery and CIU-generated discovery. On may 23rd, 2023 , Butler will face a new hearing. He has always claimed his innocence even before new evidence included in DNA testing results was discovered.

Selma Butler opens up on Afro House Springfield in an Exclusive Interview few days ahead of his evidentiary hearing.

You always claimed your innocence since you were arrested 25 years ago. What has changed today as you being a free man ?

Outside of retaining my freedom nothing has changed besides technology. My name is still being slandered on public record. My freedom was seized unjustly and my family and I are still deeply feeling the affects by the lost of my absence for the last 25yrs.

At your sentencing hearing, you told the judge: “I didn’t have nothing to do with the death of Angela Young, but right now I wish I was in her place because I got nothing for my future for something I didn’t have nothing to do with.” 25 years later today is there any hope you have regarding your case as you’re set up for an evidentiary hearing on May 23rd ? What do you want to see done?

On may 23 I pray that the cook county state attorney office would vacate my wrongful conviction justice has been delayed far too long.

A life has been taken away , an entire family wounded with a an eternal pain. After you were found guilty, Shamika Young, one of Angela Young’s daughter, delivered a victim’s impact statement in court. “I really have a lot of trouble sleeping,” she said. “I wake up crying from picturing how a person like Selma has ruined my life. It has been hard dealing with my young sister and brother without the teachings of our mother. They will miss out on the special times shared with my mother like prom, graduations, etc. I really love my mother but now she is gone and it really hurts. I feel that Selma Butler deserves to be sentenced to the maximum extent of the law.” What would you tell Angela Young’s family 25 years later ? Do you feel sorry for what happened ? What does her statement means to you today as you have an upcoming hearing on May 23rd ?

I deeply understand why ms. Young feel the way she do.for the last 28 years she has been misled to believe I was responsible for her mother death. I know if the facts my case are ever considered with earnestness then my name will finally be restored and a chance for true justice for the victim could possibly be pursued. I too lost a fair chance at life on that unfortunate day,but it appears that a conviction is much more important to the cook county state attorney office then justice.

Any last words to close our interview ?

Process and procedures justice is continuously being delayed.

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