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The Interview: Actress Emma Lohoues Appointed Honorary Citizen & Goodwill Ambassador In Houston, TX

On September 22, 2022 The City of Houston with Mayor Sylvester Turner hosted its1st ever Houston Africa Energy Summit featuring dignitaries , Business Leaders , Public Figures from Africa and The Greater Houston Area. Actress Emma Lohoues , who traveled from Ivory Coast also Known as Cote D'ivoire in West Africa, is not someone new to the African Diaspora living in Houston,TX and across America. The Mega Star , who has over 5 million followers from all her Social media accounts combined , opens up to Afro House Springfield about her career , upcoming projects ,and her recognition in Houston, TX.

The Interview with Emma Lohoues. (See Below)

credit @emmalohouesofficial

What does your recent recognition means to you ?

First of all, I have to admit that I'm Proud of Myself, It is always an honor to be recognized even more in Texas's biggest city. You know when we talk about Texas what comes to our mind are cowboys and Western Movies (laughs). But the city of Houston is more than that. It is the 4th largest city in the USA. So I'm very proud of myself of course , but even more for my country Cote D'ivoire. Which is the reason , I went and handed over my recognition to the Ambassador of Côte d'Ivoire in Washington his Excellency Mr Ibrahima Touré. It also materialize my commitment to work towards strenghtening the partnership between the city of Houston and my country.

In which ways do you think you could help even more with your status as the city of Houston GoodWill Ambassador to promote Africa in Houston ?

I am a film actress, media woman and businesswoman. In each of these hats, I am ready to support all initiatives from Africans who would like to collaborate with the city of Houston on projects that fall within the scope of the mission that the city has assigned to me.I have been appointed honorary citizen and goodwill ambassador this means that I am on a mission to promote actions that go towards justice, equality , non-violence, peace, and the fight of poverty etc. To Sum up , I am on a mission to promote humanity. I will work with my staff to identify in Côte d'Ivoire but also in Africa associations whose goals are in line with my mission in order to support them in carrying out their projects.

How do you think the diaspora could help you in succeeding to promote Africa in Houston ?

I take advantage of your question to congratulate the African diaspora in general and Cote D'ivoire diaspora in particular because I noticed that the diaspora is increasingly involved in the economic, social and culture of Cote Divoire. I see that the ethnic communities in France get together very often to initiate construction projects hospitals, schools etc. in their originally regions, It is a very good thing. Besides, I also read that Cote D'ivoire has begun to integrate the diaspora in certain institutions such as the Senate. I have to admit that I do not really feel my adioukrou community in the Diaspora maybe that's just an impression. Why not joining Dabou and the city of Houston. Don't we say that well-ordered charity begins with oneself (Laughs).

What is coming next for Emma Lohoues Career ?

Which career? since I have at least 4 (Laughs). Well, for the moment I have an immediate challenge, the Bachelor with Canal Plus. Let's try to take up the challenge and then we'll see.

What are you telling to your fans in Houston who requested us to interview you ?

You can tell them this time I came to Houston on the invitation of the mayor Mr Sylvester Turner, but next time I would like to come back to Houston at the invitation of the Houston Emmaluvs. We have so many things to accomplish together.

Any last words to close our interview ?

In God we trust so yes we can... dans l’Union la Discipline et le Travail.

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