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  • Manth Olric

Ghana: Meek Mill Music Video at Jubilee House. Here How It Was Made Possible

Meek Mill Apology After Shooting A Music Video At Ghana Presidential Palace

A Dream come true for a lot African Descendants to learn about their African roots where It all started in "AFRICA". Rapper Meek Mill is not an exception to this dream many others like him aspire to turn into a reality in America. Unfortunately, the dream to travel to Africa is not as much simple as it looks like for a lot people living in Africa. One of the reason behind this belief is America shown as the nation of Gold and Cash by the media, the African diaspora , the U.S music industry to Africa without outlining the difficulties that faced for years African Americans to build wealth for themselves in order to uplift their communities. Anger rose among few Ghanians and political opponents to Ghana's Nana Akufo after the realese by the rapper of his Music video. Which is understandable as video footages of the Jubilee House are prohibited for National Security purposes. Even if it was possible to shoot a video inside of the Presidential Palace , it would more likely be impossible for an average Ghanian citizen.

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