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I have a passion for art since a kid, it wasn't until high school I found out I could make it a job

Alyssa Farmer, 25, Springfield, IL resident uses art to let her voice heard in her community as well as hopes her creativity will turn to a full-time career.

In this Exclusive Interview Alyssa Farmer opens up to Afro House Springfield about her journey.

What does “Art” means to you ?

Art for me is a release, an positive outlet for me to express myself. Art is a way to be represented in the world, when your voice might be too small to be heard. Art is my freedom of expression and how I look at life. Art brings people.

Where do you see your art in 5 years?

In 5 years I would love to see my art in a couple exhibits, I would love to be apart of Targets “Black History Month Collection” the present every year and be apart of peoples home décor.

When did you find out you wanted to become an artist and why?

I have always had a passion for art since I was born, it wasn’t till high school I found out art could be taken serious and I could make it a “job.” I always thought art was just something people did and not a career choice. But I knew I’d always been a creative person and taking it serious has been one of the best choices I’ve made. Why I became an artist was, I thought it was the coolest thing a person to do EVER! To be able to think outside the box and bring your vision to LIFE is just crazy cool.

Do you make art for a living? If not, where can people get your art ?

No, I currently do not do art for a living BUT, I pray one day I can solely live off my art and give my full attention to it. People can support through social media; Facebook: Picasso Jr , Instagram;

_alyssatheartist_. I frequently post on my pages when I have events or vendor opportunities to sell my art. I do commissions or if someone sees something they like they can always purchase that way. A website is coming soon to make purchasing more efficient.

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