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  • Manth Olric

Illinois Community Pillar Pan-african,trailblazing physician, pastor, and poet dead at age 75

McNeese attended Southern Illinois University Edwardsville following high school but left for the United States Air Force after one semester. He trained as a Morse intercept operator at Keesler AFB, MS, before being stationed at Hakata AFB, Japan. His final duty station was Da Nang AFB, the Republic of Vietnam, where he was discharged as a Technical Sergeant, receiving the Air Commendation Medal for his service.

In the short flim below McNeese relates his childhood from facing racisms and discriminations to overcome those obatcles by becoming a LEGEND.

McNeese completed the school’s MEDPREP program in Carbondale and then entered Southern Illinois University School of Medicine (SIUSOM), earning his medical degree in 1986, again being class president/speechmaker. A residency in Emergency Medicine followed at McGaw Medical Center, Northwestern University, Chicago, IL, completed in 1990.

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