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  • Manth Olric

Coming2America, Eddie Murphy brought us Davido, Mutombo Dikembe, Michael Blackson, and more

It has been 33 years ago since Eddie Murphy's Coming to America movie was first released in 1988. Indeed, 33 years later million of fans all over the world still embrace the original version of Coming to America. Coming2America released on December 18 , 2020 and streaming exclusively on Amazon Prime Video brought new faces, and very well known figures outside from Hollywood.

Congolese American Former professional basketball player Dikembe Mutombo who played 18 seasons in the National Basketball Association, Nigerian American Afro-beat Superstar Davido , and more to just mention those are among the new faces who make Coming2America in concordance with the new face of Africa 33 years later following its first release in 1988. ( the Picture above is showing Dikembe Mutombe's scene)

Eddie Murphy via social media sent a special message to his crew and all the fans.

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