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  • Manth Olric

At 40, Fc Barcelona Legend Samuel Eto'o Elected As Cameroon FA President.

Samuel Eto'o will run's country National Soccer (football) Association as its President. Eto'o made his debut with Cameroon's national Soccer team in 1998 during the World Cup. He was the youngest player of the squad.

Though Samuel Eto'o built his career legacy while playing in Spain for FC Barcelona , He has an impressive journey with his country National Soccer Team. He holds the title of Cameroon's top scorer of all the time. He has also been a key player behind Cameroon's First Olympic Gold during 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney. Eto'o has promised to bring major investors to support Cameroon soccer ( football). In a video thanking his former teammate Lionel Messi, who endorsed him in his race for Cameroon FA President , the greatest African Soccer Player of all time wowed that Messi was welcome to visit Cameroon.

Well Known for his generosity , Samuel Eto'o intends to give his salary to charity says some sources around of the SuperStar.

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