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Homeless Man Saves Police Deputy From Burning Vehicle Then Reunites With Family

Updated: Jan 16, 2022

The Homeless man family was told that he may have been killed in a stabbing around Christmas, prompting his loved ones to search hospitals and morgues. His sister recognized him on the news, while he was interviewed about his heroism saving a Police Deputy live after his vehicle collided with another car and caught in fire during a Police Chase in Houston, Texas.

Johnny Walker, who was reportedly working near a store where the accident took place, jumped in when he heard the collision, telling local outlet ABC13's Courtney Fischer, "I'm homeless. I was doing some work for someone. I was taking some tools back when I heard 'boom, boom, boom, boom, boom.'

"I ran out here to see what it is and I saw a lot of cars, but I paid attention to the fire. My instincts were to go to that car and help him out, because he was crushed in on both sides," Walker explained.

However, The tragedy resulted in the death of a woman and injured her two young children.


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